Wednesday, August 17, 2016

2954. Rio 2016: Connecting People!

If you’re a second or foreign language teacher, have you ever thought of the beautiful labor we carry out?: connecting people, connecting singular persons!
We are connecting people from all over the world, and not less than that!
And we’re connecting biographies, singular traits, believes, cultures, generations, time periods… If there weren’t such teachers, Rio Olympic Games wouldn’t be possible, because those people have learned the language with a teacher’s help, haven’t they?
And as I said, we’re getting people together and they all can share experiences, lives, families… Communication is the art of transmitting and sharing ideas, knowledge and all that I’ve said before!
Yesterday or a couple days ago I put all my labels or tags from my blog into a cloud where those labels are shown according to the frequency they appear along the blog. It's the right column below my profile: have a peek at it: I got amazed myself! / Photo from: www omicrono com 
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