Saturday, August 6, 2016

2944. How to Pacify A Class of Students

The best discipline is self-discipline: the student focuses and concentrates his effort on learning and working nice.
Also concerning discipline the one the teacher imposes and proposes is thorough: I’m referring to the gravity he passes on and transmits and shows.
The teacher does have gravity and seriousness. And with that inherent discipline he pacifies a class of students.
All this stuff has to do with the teacher’s prestige and experience of years and years, and the students notice this nice feature and quality of his, as they notice a rookie and novice teacher.
He pacifies even with his mere looking at them, whilst combing the class-group with that looking at them.
Alike rather than getting exasperated by his students’ misbehavior and lack of interest toward learning and acquiring the English language he feels rather piety and pity because the students he loves so much with love of benevolence are losing time.
He loves every and each student, with a kind love of benevolence – willing what’s good for his students.
I’ve seen all this is some teachers I’ve encountered in my career as a teacher. Awesome! / Photo from: man teaching www blackenterprise com
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