Wednesday, August 31, 2016

2967. Can We Naturally Acquire A Language?

Many people think adults cannot learn nor acquire a foreign or a second language. They would be too old and their minds would be too hard to acquire the language, even to learn it!
Whereas teens would have a flexible mind which is capable of an easier naturalistic acquisition of the language. They’re able to acquire the language, while adults in no way can learn and even less acquire the language.
We’ve seen in this blog that expert scholar H. D. Brown said a qualified yes in favor of the point that adults can also acquire a language and not merely learn it.
So you reader, if a grown-up, you must bear in mind that you can acquire any language and not only learn it.
Learning would be a more artificial thing and acquiring would be more natural.
As well some people say that adults are losing their memory more and more, which seems to be true. But they on their favor know how to plan and program their learning and acquiring process.
Teens still have to learn how to program and plan their work and studying.
In other words, they have to mature their learning and acquiring process, whereas adults can do so easily, and they’re more persevering at their process, plus the fact that usually the adults who embark in such an enterprise are pretty motivated.
Summing up, adults can learn but also acquire a foreign or a second language. / Photo from: just an adult. scartborough com
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