Thursday, August 25, 2016

2961. I Like Young People

The teacher has to become concerned about the student as an individual and as a person.
He must consider, at his daily teaching, the persons he has opposite him in the classroom. And he shall be concerned about the student as a whole, as an entire subject. This is the core point of education, isn’t it?
The teacher does not confine his labor as just teaching, but also as educating persons!
He spends quite many hours with the student during a regular day.
He will think of the way the student thinks, and also about his biography, his individuality, his uniqueness, his traits, the way he learns. The best teacher is the one that likes the youth and all about them, plus a paramount point about young people: they are in need of assistance and help, because they are growing and going through growing-up crises. He likes and regards young people’s characteristics and their juvenile brush-strokes. / Photo from: student-at-public-library-1300x867 digilite am
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