Friday, August 5, 2016

2943. Treating My Students in A Nice Way

In the past English language course I noticed that something that coerces, something that nicely and gently coerces or obliges students to behave nice is just smiling at them!
I guess that there’s a feeling of affection and love of benevolence toward my students plus the fact that I conduct myself in a serious way. When that atmosphere is created among my dear students a smile can mean more than just obliging them to behave in a nice way.
They feel addressed and appealed by the smile!
I’ve got to say that this happened at that vacations course when I met a student at the large school hall. I think anyway it may work when the class atmosphere is nice and prompting at working rather hard – I believe it’s so! / Photo from: gibraltar caves traveloppa com. the picture is just an illustration
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