Sunday, August 21, 2016

2958. How to Involve Kids in Cleaning Chores

The order and tidiness of our classrooms will educate our students, and that’s for sure!
Even we could say to one of our students to tidy up a classroom which is in a mess, when we both pass by one that way. We can arrange it together, and so we teachers set an example.
When the classroom is neat and clean and ordered we can feel a bit of satisfaction.
Besides order and tidiness help discipline and class management. Even more if we have our students sitting nice, at classes.
Desks should be set in straight rows and columns so we get a rectangle of desks. Before the bell sounds, we can have our students tidy up the classroom.
As well the classroom noticeboard should show up clean and from time to time posters and students’ projects will be removed and replaced by other notices and other posters.
Remember we can deliver small jobs or chores to our students and some shall be in charge of the order of the classroom, or the students themselves could suggest their chores from a list. A place that way, as I said, is very educative. Kids like those small jobs and they grow and mature with them!
/ Photo from: Involving-Kids-in-Daily-Cleaning-Chores mortinlounge com
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