Thursday, August 11, 2016

2949. A Teacher like A Choir Conductor?

I was thinking a few weeks ago, at the vacation English camp, when I was watching the teachers' work, that if the teacher takes his work as a serious thing, and also important for him and for his students and for their families alike, how is he not going to expect a hard work from his students?
He will expect a lot, or he should do it so!
All this can be explained to his students in an explicit way in order to get them as well focused on their particular work as students.
Also the teacher will pass on this idea to his students, with just getting immersed on his own labor.
The teacher, let’s suppose, works a lot and well, okay, his students actually will notice all this, and so this effort is passed on to his students, as I said. / Photo from: Columbus Indiana Children’s Choir. Also I was thinking that teaching a class is like conducting a choir – the more the teacher strives to teach well the more his students might strive, perhaps not like a choir but they shall be on the right pathway to excellence! I’ve seen it! – Puri, thank you very much for your comment. Which number did you comment on?
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