Sunday, August 7, 2016

2945. Grand Teachers!

Teachers are persons who love, who must love, as any other human person, with love of benevolence, which is to wish and seek what’s good for the other persons.
Thus the teacher should bear in mind, take interest about, take care of, take charge of, the things of the parents, the teachers, and the students – in this precise order: parents, teachers, and students.
In that way things will go rather smooth at the school!
In Spanish we have an idiom, which shows well what I intend to say: “hacerse cargo de”. I’ve learned about this from teacher of teachers and educator of educators Spanish Tomás Alvira (1906-1992), in a biography on him I’ve read this summer.
He for example took charge of his students’ things and concerns because he loved them, and he loved them because he used to take charge of their things. And all this inspired and showed a prestige and authority and affection worth of taking into account. / Photo from: womanthenest com
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