2948. How Nice Was Studying A Book!

I think we teachers may run the risk of getting lost among many methodology discussion points.
Once I was talking with another teacher and I told him about a pair of students of mine, maybe some of the students I was the tutor of. This was a nice number of years ago. And that experienced teacher just told me they just needed to study harder, to study more, and that’s it.
In my case I might be trying to apply many theories to their case, and the other teacher opened my eyes to something that simple!
And it’s true: so often our students may be in need of applying more effort, take their textbooks or tablets and right sit down at a silent place at home and focus on their books.
If they study with accurate techniques and they spend rather a long time with their books they can improve a lot – just think of when we were students: if we wanted to learn we took an effort at studying more, and in that way also we got good grades, didn’t we? And studying was so nice: learning about history and how our ancestors lived, or how to solve a math problem, or how to write in English with a correct spelling. / Photo from: Carlson www npr org


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