Saturday, August 20, 2016

2957. We Teachers Facilitate Communication

We English language teachers or other foreign or second language teachers facilitate communication among people, don’t we? Think of it! Just think of it for a moment.
We make communication to be something feasible and possible. We curtail and pull down frontiers between people, between persons. The frontiers of “strange” languages I mean, not the positive and necessary borders among people concerning privacy and politeness, which should exist always.
This kind of communication we make as possible is something we can also try to accomplish within and inside classes and so in the very classroom itself.
Communication should be human. I mean, communication should be authentic and genuine.
I’m going to propose something for my classes and for your classes. Let’s say messages and announcements in the target language too. If it didn’t work, okay, let’s change into our mother language, but at least let’s give it a try…
I will do it myself, in English, which is our common target language: both they and I are learning and acquiring English as a foreign language – we live in Spain.
I make this firm resolution right now. If that piece of communication is possible, we will have gained a great deal! Otherwise we could confine communication to the activities the textbook proposes, but I prefer that communication be in English, the target language, all the class long. / Photo from: business communication www incedogroup com. now I was thinking about a field we teachers can facilitate with our teaching: businesses, international businesses!
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