Tuesday, August 23, 2016

2959. I Will Read The Book Again

Spanish educator and teacher of teachers Tomás Alvira (1906-1992) used to have dinner with all his family. I’ve written about him before.
Now I’m writing that he arranged things for his family to have dinner together and thus they could have a nice opportunity and chance for the kids to talk about what they had learned each day, plus they told about their friends, teachers, anecdotes.
He was a man that knew how to listen to, which is such an important characteristic of us teachers.
At those conversations he could educate their children too, and his wife Paquita also knew how to listen to them all.
Their house atmosphere had an authentic personality, and it was a nice place where they all could learn from one another. At home, at cozy and sweet home there were tidiness, order, affection, a nice taste: it was a house where they all wanted to arrive at after daily labor.
Their home and their style showed their rich interior life.
Last summer I read a biography about Tomás Alvira, and also about his wife Paquita, and written by teacher and educator and father Antonio Vázquez. It’s a must-read. Published by Spanish Palabra. Also the way they both dressed was a stroke of their interior lives. / Photo from: feelgrafix com. The picture tries to be a beautiful summer illustration
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