Tuesday, August 9, 2016

2947. My Students' Things as Mine

We teachers should make our students’ things like they were of ours: their joys and sorrows.
Also because I have seen this incarnated in some grand teachers and educators.
Because of that we have to learn how to carefully listen to them.
Now I’m thinking of a student of mine, of last school year. I felt I had to listen to him – they were private tuition. I noticed he was talking about rather some trifles or unimportant things for classes themselves.
However I had to listen to him, and his things were important for him, so as well they should be important for me too.
I don’t mean we had to talk about nonsense stuff, so I had to change the conversation if I noted he wanted to just waste time of the class or the kind. I focus on that point anyway: his things should be mine as well, and thus I had to bear them in mind and take charge of them myself.
I repeat it on purpose: I had to change the discourse if he wanted to lose class time. He is a smart kid anyway.
By the way I haven’t been writing for rather long and now I feel my style is not kind of as good as it was, many weeks ago – my style was the one of a non-native speaker anyway. Well, here we are: patience, good humor and sorry for the mistakes, nice readers! / Photo from: www studentachievement org. I was thinking... in case of girls of course we have to be prudent.
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