2966. Are You Free?

We may have an idea of freedom and liberty as when for example somebody is lying on a green prairie with nobody else trying to overwhelm him in any way.
Or at sea, in a vessel with her sails swelled by fresh wind. Those can be scenes we may have seen in movies or literature or in our own dreams – who didn’t ever dream sometime to escape from this hectic and rush rhythm urban society and flee to nature?
However the real freedom we can experience is at everyday things: I’m free if I decide to do something or to refuse to do something else.
Okay then, real freedom is when we choose goodness and what’s good, for us and for anybody else. Then, precisely and just then, I’m doing something freely.
And to choose evil, isn’t that freedom? Well you may think of it: I may choose evil or something good otherwise. When I choose what’s good I’m fulfilling myself. Then I’m following the “manual instructions” to fulfill myself.
We can choose whatever we like but only when doing what is good we are following our manual instructions. Nobody can fulfill himself against the truth about himself.
If I follow the truth about myself, without any argument about it only then can I reach happiness, as Nietzsche himself put it, in Die Unschuld des Werdens, Leipzig 1930 (posthumous), page 84 – to be honest I’ve copied that latter idea from German scholar Jutta Burggraf (2006). / Photo from: www lifehack org


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