Monday, August 29, 2016

2965. Awesome, Just Awesome!

I’ve noticed something that can be useful for some readers.
I usually try to learn one, or two, or three words every day, or I read a novel, or I read non-fiction... And I’m aware of that process, okay: I’m learning and acquiring new-to-me words.
And fortunately I have a trained memory, which is able to retain those words. Well, and now it comes: often I note that I can retrieve words I had learned and acquired unconsciously and in an unaware way sometime.
I “invent” words when I write these blog posts. They’re words I have learned and acquired, like I said, inadvertently.
I think all this has to do with something kind of the sense of language, which an English language teacher we had told us when we were at our secondary education. In other words, it’s a way of thinking in English, because I don’t translate those words into my mother tongue.
Even there’re quite many words I can’t translate into Spanish, my mother language, but I can use them in English: I’m reading a novel, I’m writing a new post, I use them when I’m speaking in English with a friend of mine…
Even sometimes I take a risk when using some words I guess they exist in English, and Word program corrector tells me they are English. Where do those words come from? I’d say both from my aware and conscious studying plus that unconscious learning and acquiring. And all this may happen to ANY learner. See you. / Photo from: first women join submarine crew www thetimes co uk. the picture is just an illustration, a nice one
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