Sunday, August 14, 2016

2952. How to Relax if You Are A Teacher

We teachers face up with many problems, right?
I would tell you we should take the drama out of the situation, we should defuse the small or big crisis or conflict.
Someone told me once we have to learn how to laugh gently about ourselves! How so? By exaggerating the situation: kind of “This is the end, this is terrible, I am at the worst situation ever, ever…”
This is a sort of laughing at oneself. Some psychiatrist said if we can laugh about ourselves that might indicate we have so a sane mind.
And if we learn how to take the drama out of our problems we could take it easy!
As well some quick relaxing technique helps: it is having our legs, arms, and body like they were very heavy, better if sitting down. We have heavy legs and arms and body and we “need” to lay them down.
Also try to distend and leave your whole body as if it was so heavy. Relax the tension of your face, part by part, and then stay quiet and silent yourself, listening to the surrounding silence, or slowing your stream of thoughts. It works, believe me! / Photo from: man-reading-newspaper www sneakymag com
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