Sunday, August 28, 2016

2963. I Begin to Begin Again!

I have excitement because of my teaching, meeting people, treating them nice… Yes, I’ll admit it.
Yesterday I said that I would write today about enjoying teaching classes and the other teachers’ roles. Maybe it won’t be a naïve liking in teachers with so many-year experience, but a clever one: we know we’re helping youngsters.
But today I’d like to write a little about why I’m rather optimistic concerning the new school year in Spain.
Beside what I wrote above about enjoying teaching I could say that I trust in human potentials and in God alike (“In God we trust”, like you write on your dollar bills).
I’ve been a witness to how man and woman can endure dire straits. I also have encountered young people that have suffered big and they used to carry their sorrows with so high human dignity.
Tomorrow, if possible I will write about the intellectual potentials young people have. They can actually learn and acquire a foreign or second language. I’ve also seen this latter point, incarnated in real people. / Photo from: young-people www firstcollegelincs co uk
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