Monday, August 8, 2016

2946. Helping Our Students in Their Back-to-School

I’ve been writing about discipline and class management, in case those tips would be of any interest for you readers, is that okay? And it’s an important point, definitely.
But also we teachers should consider that in cases of misbehavior, if we have applied all the methods we have at hand to create a nice hard-working atmosphere, we should not care too much. On the next class we shall try again.
So we can think in view of any misbehavior case: so what? It’s their business.
I don’t mean we shouldn’t care about our students and our classes, and you know this, but we should keep thinking of those problems as something of the students’ concern.
We lose nothing: they’re free to behave as they like, coming to an ultimate vision of our classes. If they don’t obey, they will in the near future.
We should stay easy, relaxed and tranquil. They will improve, because of our close concern about them and their learning process, plus our affection to them! / Photo from: slideplayer com
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