Monday, August 29, 2016

2964. About Teens' Sometimes Confusion

Teens are capable, after being children, of discovering and encountering their interior lives. It’s the time when they discover themselves, in a new way, different than when they were children.
They become aware and conscious about themselves. When they were children obviously they also were self-conscious, but now they are in a very different way...
And they’re also able of having nice and high ideals, for it’s the period of those high ideals.
Because of all that said they feel unsecure and strange to themselves, even distressed sometimes.
They tend to stay rather closed to other relationships, like their parents typically. Now they want to be detached from their parents, and adults in general.
They’re more prone to be linked by friendship and they encounter themselves well with their gangs.
Parents, at this period, have to learn how to listen to them, since teens are in need of a big help, and they need sometimes to give vents to their confusion and bewilderment.
By no way do I try to show a dreadful view of teens anyway!
Also we teachers can help out a lot, because we’re the other grown-ups with whom they spend many hours during the day! / Photo from: a pensive and thoughtful girl
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