Saturday, August 27, 2016

2962. Back Home!

I’m having a look at the notes I compile for my blog posts. I’m going back in time, by reading what I wrote in my diary.
Now I’m about mid-July, so before my English summer camp, okay. I reckon I’ve lost the fresh ideas I had in mind when I wrote them down in my diary.
For example for today I wanted to write about the nice point that we teachers have to enjoy our work when carrying it out. More specifically I wrote about the point that we have to enjoy our professional work. I could write for long, if I thought of it for a bit longer, because I have lots to say.
But I want to publish now. 
Most of the teachers I know enjoy their work, albeit they can suffer from students misbehavior. We should like what we do at our professional work. I do enjoy it.
You know, working with people, with our students is so nice, and we can help them mature and help them at their biographies, each one at their rhythm. As well we have to consider the idea that the order amid school people regarding the attention they deserve is: parents, teachers, and students. I will say more, tentatively tomorrow. / Photo from: www rgsbstock com. the picture merely is an illustration
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