Monday, August 15, 2016

2953. Like in Rio Olympic Games

We teachers want our students be hard-working and with values about learning and behaving well, don’t we? We would like for our students to have studying and learning and working habits, right?
Okay, those operative good habits are gained by simple repetition of actions. As simple as that.
The kid for example that sets himself to study at the arranged time one day after another, he will have the operative habit and custom of working hard, won’t he? He will learn how to head for his daily homework, and by applying accurate learning strategies he will learn and acquire English or whatever language we are dealing with: Spanish, French, German…
So either at tutoring sessions or at big groups that student will be told how to set up at daily work at home.
The point is for the teacher to persuade him to operate accurately.
If you give good ideas at classes about learning and learning strategies the high-achiever kids have, possibly those kids will adhere to working hard. Kids are kids but they may think nice! 
Something we can apply here too is the psychology of TV and Internet adds: repetition, repetition, repetition of the same ideas. They hit on the right target! / Photo from: Rio Olympic Games. Athletes may make good results and records. As you well know they’ve trained and practiced for long, once and over and over
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