Thursday, August 18, 2016

2955. Like The Struggle of Athlets at Rio 2016

The efficiency of the school labor also depends on the love I invest when I am at work.
I have to put and invest love at little everyday details and other little things, such as the way I’m dressed, the class I’ve planned, the tidiness of my desk, the way the chalkboard has been erased… all in order to get the most of the class-periods!
Teaching has something of a fine art!
Effectiveness and efficiency depend on my interior life, as well than on the love I have to God, who at the same time has a love and affection and tenderness to us like the one all dads and moms together. Also obviously that depends on my professional effort.
If my interior life is plentiful of love, don’t worry, for things shall turn out okay, soon or rather later, but they shall, and the students shall notice that love.
I’ve also seen this along my career as a teacher, in other teachers.
Here I don’t mean, don’t get me wrong, that students and teachers’ efficiency don’t depend on their effort and struggle at classes in order to work fine.
If I take care of those details, classes shall turn out better... / Photo from: US Charles Austin, one of the best Olympians. www charlesaustin net. Olympians have to eat a specific diet and take care of little things, don’t they?
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