Friday, August 12, 2016

2950. Do You Enjoy to Read? I Do!

We may think that what we have read for our formation as teachers and educators (as parents too!) has not served the purpose of helping us to learn how to become a good teacher, a good educator (a good dad or mom too!). But yes, they have!
If we re-read those texts we may think we have forgotten them, but the point is that they educate us: every reading leaves a track or trace or footprint, which we assimilate as something of ours. That’s the point, definitely.
Those readings influence positively in us, if they're good readings.
They are educating us and making a store of good ideas, which give our labor a personal streak. I also have seen this, in my case, and also – and this is something we all can see – in other people’s lives, haven’t we? / Photo from: Emerald-Lake-canoeing www hellobc com. the picture is a nice one, for illustration sake, I hope you like it! It's very much of the summer season
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