Sunday, July 5, 2015

2421. Do You Update Your Knowledge and Practice?

Are you an updated teacher? Am I an updated teacher? Do we revise and update our knowledge of the school subject we teach, and about ways of teaching it? 

Definitely we teachers have to study and learn about those points. 

In my secondary education we had a Spanish literature teacher that came into the classroom with the same yellowish sheets of paper of previous classes, old classes. May God save him -- he must have dead; he was an old teacher more than thirty years ago. We prepared his retirement party for him.

I think part of the work of a good teacher is updating those points. I know you’re a busy teacher, but ask yourself the question about the possible chance of updating the knowledge of the subject and ways to better teach it. 

It’s worthy to try. Just a little thing known and discovered by you means a step forward. / Photo from: info cabcam org
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