Sunday, July 12, 2015

2436. Vacations Fun Classes

A few years ago I was teaching English in another summer course, namely at Asociación Cultural y Deportiva Alayos, with venue and see in Granada, Spain. 

Now I remember one day at class: Rafa was answering a question from me. The class were games in English. You can see post # 259. Ok, he answered me in English, but in a plainly naturalistic way, like another language he also knew. 

For him there were two languages, spoken in different contexts. He was some ten years old then. Awesome. 

Of course I was trying all the class be in English. If they answered in Spanish I pretended I didn’t speak that language – obviously most of them knew I was Spanish, but as if by that time of the day I just spoke English. The thing worked good, thank God. / Photo from: Cute-Little-Kids-In-Classroom www desktophdphotos com
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