Friday, July 17, 2015

2451. Our Kids' Free Time: Important to Let Them Play

A scholar whose name I will not say by now thinks that kids have too much varied school subjects: geography, history of literature, math, PE… and those subjects would block their minds, first intellectually, and afterward in a practical way, so there should be kinda integration of subjects in some way or another, and he follows furthermore by the same way. 

Well, I was not choked at school because of the number of subjects. After grammar we had fine arts, and then something else. 

What rather choked me a bit more was the varied and vast amount of homework we should accomplish, but even at this point there wasn’t any tragedy. 

Ok, it’s a reflection by that expert, worth to take into account. 

Please teachers do not assign too much homework regarding the subject you teach: students may have up to seven or nine (?) school subjects. And they need to get out, play with their friends, some sport (here the king is soccer though we call it football) etc. / Photo from: news discovery com
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