Monday, July 6, 2015

2422. Flipped Classroom!

Flipped classroom. 

It’s a new discovery about how to learn. 

First the students prepare the topic by researching about it, and then they present it in the classroom. 

And after that the teacher assigns some homework, but to be carried out in the classroom. He sets something that can complement what the students have made. 

How to do this in an English class, with a communicative methodology? Basically the same as with the other school subjects. Yet this can be done in a class with students of a rather high level of English, or the other language they’re learning: students who can speak for rather a long time, with some fluency. 

Just try and see to it how it turns out. Ask the students what they think about this system. There are videos in YouTube, for discussion. / Photo from: teacher-students vw2kped org
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