2448. How to Educate with Facts

Our children’s views of life and their deep attitudes are not gotten within the family by means of pressure and prohibitions, but within an atmosphere at home of freedom, and affection and love. This has been written by Spanish expert Gerardo Castillo, more or less. 

However their parents and elder siblings think about those points are passed on to the children. 

Even more than their friends. Nevertheless our children should learn how to make friends that have similar ways and habits as the ones in our families. 

All in all it is sound to take our children to call up and visit the poor for example: our children learn how to value what they have at home and other children don’t. 

I remember in one of these visits to the poor that we stayed with a family whose children had joy catalogs: these brochures were their Christmas joys, and the ones brought from The Three Wise Men! 

The point is educating our children in values, more than solving a problem that is far away from our possibilities and chances. 

Also we spend some time with those families. / Photo from: expertbeacon com


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