Wednesday, July 15, 2015

2447. Regular Classes: I Love to Teach

With students in certain areas in the city it is harder and more difficult to keep discipline in classes with those students – and sometime I could devote a post to them. 

However with regular teens, say, class management is… also or might be more or less hard and tough. 

A friend of mine told me that in these latter cases we teachers should win them over with labor that would be neat and well carried out: the more you dedicate to the students and to planning classes and thinking about each of them as much as possible, in the end you can hold an atmosphere in classes where the students can work and learn and acquire English. 

They need, we all need a nice atmosphere where all or most of our students can carry out their inner process of learning… and acquiring English. I also have colleagues that teach in public secondary education and are able to teach and make them learn. 

Concerning my experience is along my blog. Just something I’d like to add is that when you love your students with Aristotle’s love of benevolence, in the end can teach them too. / Photo from: nature-landscape-beautiful-photos-best-desktop-landscape-hd-wallpapers-widescreen www hdwallpaperscool com
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