Saturday, July 11, 2015

2433. A Cleaning Day At School

We teachers have to teach kids to take care of the natural environment. 

For example when we run an excursion we can let them know we don’t drop cans or wrapping papers on the ground. Also if we see a squirrel we cannot cast a stone to it: it isn’t any target of a fair. 

All this stuff can be taught for the time they are at school in the playgrounds too. 

Even we could organize and plan a cleaning day of the school. The students, protected with latex gloves, can pick up wrapping papers, small bags of dry fruits, etc. 

We adults have to fulfill the idea and duty of taking care and looking after our environment. As well we can coordinate this work with interdisciplinary nature, so that work can fulfill the syllabus of different subjects, and after that special day they can write an essay in English about what they have done. / Photo from: sg-naturesclassroom-110713-1 www sarahganzhom com
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