Monday, July 13, 2015

2439. Trying the Students Would Speak in English

The communicative methodology of learning languages is centered on the student’s process of acquiring and learning English, or another language. It isn’t centered on the teacher, but on each student and how he can acquire the language. 

However, if you want a methodology of this kind the teacher has to prompt and conduct the class a lot, I repeat, a lot, so also we have the teacher is another protagonist. 

He implements activities that make and force the students to speak in English. 

The syllabus or planning of the course is providing grammar patterns and vocabulary that can be helpful and useful for the students to speak further. We teachers have got to plan each class, with an aim (at least), which can be a necessary grammar pattern for speaking about such or such topic. Or such and such vocabulary for talking about for example feelings and sentiments. 

Classes, moreover, could be addressed to train students for TOEFL or Cambridge examinations, because they demand them with the mind on finding a job. 

Thus they could reach a level in which they can speak in English at a job interview. / Photo from: englishproficiencytrainingcentre com
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