2453. An Ace at Using English

Sense of language. 

When I say that phrase I’m referring to a special characteristic of people who have been learning and acquiring English for many years, and for example they can use a word they learned long ago, because it comes back to mind and is retrieved easily. 

Their language level of English is high. 

It is like another language skill or sub-skill that complements the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. 

It is like another dimension. 

People who have this capability are able to distinguish between two very similar meanings of two synonyms, but one is better at this moment than the other. 

It is something interiorized, it is language in that person. He sometimes doesn’t remember whether he said something in English or in Spanish, his mother language. 

It leads him to reach fluency at speaking and at writing. He has special manners concerning language, and he can adapt his English to a variety of contexts, for instance in the register he uses: it isn’t the same to talk to a colleague than to talk to a vast audience. 

Of course this fact demands a life-long learning. / Photo from: man-reading-newspaper www businessnewsdaily com


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