Thursday, July 9, 2015

2429. Do You Understand Her?

When learning and acquiring a language, like English for example, if we have to listen to some presentation or speech, we use intuition, to make out what she’s saying, for instance. 

We can use intuition regards body language, as I wrote on post # 2425. 

We listen perhaps and we just understand the words but we can’t make up the message. I’m referring to an actual and real presentation I saw some days ago on television, a video downloaded from YouTube. 

The presentation was about body language. The captions were in Spanish but I preferred to listen to the girl and try to focus on what she was saying. She was speaking too fast anyway. 

The rest of the audience at home did not understand English, and so tried to read the captions. / Photo from: o-MOTHER-TEEN-SON-facebook www huffingtonpost com 
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