Friday, July 17, 2015

2450. Language Exchange in Spain Amongst College Students

In Granada, where I live, south of Spain and near Sierra Nevada and at not many miles from it you can reach the coast. That ridge has snow all the year round, at some specific places. 

Ok, and many American college students spend a term for instance in order to learn Spanish and Spain’s culture. You can find and encounter many Americans on the streets, mostly girls, though it isn’t difficult to contact with young men. 

The thing is that often they meet together amongst them, and obviously they speak English. There is a system at college to offer yourself to have language exchange with Spanish young people, and actually you can find American people speaking in Spanish and the other way round concerning Spanish students. 

Should they meet with Spanish for longer, they could learn and acquire more Spanish. 

I’m not blaming anybody, I just tell you what I can see. The same happens regarding Spanish people when they go to an English –speaking country... 

Another interesting point is those youngsters have a lot of fun here. Regards apartments it’s somewhat usual to find girls from different countries sharing it, for example. 

Summing up, this system of language exchange results good. I’ve used it too when I was a student of C2 English in the same center. Teachers are native from the UK mostly. / Photo from: Campus-life_JW-05 www ipfw edu
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