Wednesday, July 15, 2015

2446. Within Families. Some tip

Within family each member is (should be) loved for himself or herself. And as they are, as the way they are. 

Only with love could a person grow up thoroughly. I also include the spouses’ love: that love starts the family, because of the children’s birth. 

Ok, but what about quarrels between the spouses? There will be some kind of struggle between them two, but both of them should learn to forgive and to ask for forgiveness. 

Something similar to this latter statement was said and explained by Pope Francis in his last travel to Ecuador – plus Bolivia and Paraguay. I think it’s something to consider. 

I know a family where bad things are forgotten, when one of the spouses asks for forgiveness. I could say more about this point, but let’s stop here. / Picture from: Family-BBQ-1 www weddingelation com
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