Thursday, July 9, 2015

2428. What to Do with a Teen with Low Self-esteem

When kids are teens one of them can have an inferiority complex. 

This makes him not to go out, have problems of communication with other kids, etc. 

Even he can show off and be arrogant, which are ways to hide his complex. 

I, his dad or his mom, should take him aside and talk to him, presenting him chances to better in something he’s good at. He may have a low self-esteem. 

Let’s talk to him, and help him shoot what hurts right inside himself. Let’s help him be honest and sincere. 

Moms for example, and also dads, usually know enough “psychology” so as to assist him. Some ideas are taken from Spanish scholar Teresa Artola. 

Oh, and have him do things and favors to others. 

He needs you, dad and mom! / Photo from: mother-daughter www stetsonkpatton com
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