Wednesday, July 15, 2015

2445. We Had Nice Teachers To Remember!

Families have a nice and indispensable role in kids’ education. 

School just helps, among other things to win knowledge and PRACTICE of technical school subjects: math, sport, grammar and spelling… Also school educates people, more specifically: teachers, we teachers help parents and families in their kids’ education. 

At school you win some values, like solidarity, environmental friendship, knowledge and practice..., as I said. And all what teachers, we teachers can provide, because of our own education, values and virtues: we set examples, either positive or we can show flaws in our behavior. 

I’ll give you two examples. At school we had a teacher that taught us to read the Bible, the New Testament more specifically. Now at my secondary education we had a teacher that unfortunately and pitifully came to classes somewhat drunk, not much, but drunk anyway, at evening classes. 

Fortunately classes of that subject were taught rather well and we students could learn and practice. However it was an exception: we had nice teachers, and they taught us to learn… and to love their subjects. / Photo from: teacher1 www geledes org br
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