Friday, July 10, 2015

2431. When Our Kids Are Teens

Within family is where a kid is loved for himself, for herself, not for what he or she does or is capable to do. 

Parents and elder siblings must show this affection and love of benevolence. 

When the kid is an adolescent, a teen, he or she must be listened to and with respect and affection. 

If that young person has a low self-esteem, let parents set him short period goals, in the fields he or she is good at. 

And at these ages they may dress in a rather bit strange way, so as to show off. When the girl dresses smart and not in a provocative way, we can let her know: today you’re wearing pretty nice clothes, you’re very pretty. 

The picture is a bit of an homage to The Beatles: after fifty years they sound great… though for our kids they are singers of history, a very old history, isn’t it? On the pic are John Lennon, Paul McCartney and I don’t know the other two, do you? One of them may be Ringo Starr. / Photo from: www pentagramario com
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