Tuesday, July 7, 2015

2424. A new view

When to start the catechesis with our children? Before the First Communion? Right from now, I would say. 

When they are just months old, children focus and record everything. 

The first point is setting a nice example, like praying before an image of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, at home. 

And later repeat with them some simple prayers, never for long. 

And perhaps to take them to the parish, to catechesis. When they’re six years for instance. 

A family that prays together, it stays and remains close together. Because Jesus Christ and Saint Mary are in the center of that family. 

And if you’re Christian, you have more resorts in life than a person who doesn’t pray, with all my respect. I respect your conscience, if you aren’t Roman Catholic, but I cannot help without saying these things. / Photo from: little-girl-with-bible-outside-church www sheknows com
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