Tuesday, July 14, 2015

2444. Training for Official Examinations

I understand you when you tell me that we teachers of English should adapt our syllabuses to the levels of the Common European Framework for languages, if this is possible in our school. 

And we can find references in the Internet: we can find a lot about those levels. 

Today in Spain many youngsters who are registered in different degrees or they have finished their degree, train above all for B1 and B2, above all but not all of them: some students train for C1 or C2, with the following similarities or equivalences: B2 with First Certificate, C1 with the Certificate in Advanced English, and finally C2, which is equivalent to the Proficiency exam, all of them from Cambridge University examinations. 

So today many candidates for a job train in First Certificate, at least. 

Up to some extent and roughly speaking, the main point is to be capable of speaking in English about any topic, and at a rather high level of English. 

No longer are classes of English focused on other goals, quite often, and more and more. Those examinations are very much demanded indeed. / Photo from: www dailymail co uk
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