2882. A Way to Teach Verbal Tenses in the Target Language

We communicate with one another by using for example verbs, and so we need to master verbal tenses in the target language.
I their teacher should follow a logical and naturalistic sequence, so as to teach a verbal tense to my students. I can follow the skills we use in real life to acquire and learn some way of expressing ideas, in the following order: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Thus I their teacher can say many realistic examples with for instance present perfect; I say sentences about specific students, with present perfect.
After that I ask my students to say sentences similar to the ones I their teacher have said, by using questions and gestures as prompts.
Then I write on the chalkboard examples of that verbal tense. Or one student does.
After that students read out those sentences.
And last but not least they copy and write examples of sentences with present perfect. Afterwards I can implement a drill with present perfect, before I proceed into something more realistic, naturalistic and communicative. / Photo from: trekking adventurescroatia net. The awesome picture is just an illustration


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