Monday, May 2, 2016

2859. How to Solve Disruption Problems in the Classroom. An Example

Disruption problems at the classroom are moral problems, most of them.
In our Western society for example, youngsters tend to misbehave because in their lives morality lacks to a big extent.
So in order to mend that problem we have to attack through learning to behave better, more in favor of our human nature. Misbehaving problems come up because teens have been educated with a background lacking moral references.
Plus they lack moral values and virtues; they don’t live according to our being persons. When they’re in a “mass” they gain anonymity, and they do things they would not do if they were the only person to be taught.
Always when you touch their hearts, one by one, they react in so nice a way. It’s okay we teachers in Spain are an authority, like doctors and police, and it may be okay too that we teachers should pass a big examination to be selected, like the one doctors do to gain and get a post.
But the roots of the problem are moral. Notwithstanding my vision is optimistic, I mean, I believe in man, and his resources to better himself, and of course I believe in God, and his help, his grace, his redemption on the Cross, to save us from sin. / Photo from: asking for a taxi to stop ww yellowcabnyctaxi com. again the picture is an illustration
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