Monday, May 9, 2016

2869. Just Love Them!

We teachers should love our students and their families, and our colleagues, with love of benevolence, is this right? Okay thus we have to wish what’s good for our students for instance.
And we can desire and wish the best for our students if we teach them to also love with love of benevolence.
We teachers cannot confine to look for and seek class resources, say, technical resources and that’s it. We teachers have to give our students chances of being happy.
How? Teaching them to transcend themselves through love of benevolence toward others, say, their classmates, well and in the first place God himself.
They should not seek themselves but wish the best for their classmates.
Inasmuch as they forget about their immanency, about themselves they can become happy. We teachers have the experience: when we do not confine to fulfill a schedule and that’s it but we seek teaching our students for life, we are hitting the target right on the center. / Photo from: rainy_day blog westernunion com
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