Monday, May 16, 2016

2880. I Have Fun with My Senior Students

All we teachers do at classes that turn out well comes from our effort plus God’s help. I would say so from my experience. I thank him when a class has turned out fine.
Also part of the tart belongs to my students’ attention and contributions. My senior students try hard to cooperate with me during the classes. They’re pretty interested in classes, and they’re great people: they attend classes where no diploma or certificate will be given to them.
When they’ve got to define a word, a difficult one, like “life”, they do not give up at all and they struggle with their English to be able to define the word.
They write down notes during our classes, about new words that aren’t on the worksheets for example, and I have them make up oral sentences with those words: we learn words that we use; otherwise it’s likelier to forget them. / Photo from: 1959_Experimental_Futura_Lincoln ibytes es
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