Sunday, May 29, 2016

2894. Intuition Is Only A Women's Feature?

That’s the point.
That’s what we learners of a second or a foreign language do with for example what we hear. We guess (that’s the word!) what somebody is saying.
It’s kind of a game. We guess also because of non-language signs: face expression, gestures, non-verbal language, nodding, silences, small laughs…
We learners (life long learning but marvelous anyway!) interpret what we hear and see. It’s not simple to explain, but no doubt it’s kinda intuition.
Language is not only oral or written words but all a person puts out, gets out of him. I guess it may be a point for research, because not much has been said about it. I learned it from scholar Stevick. See you tomorrow, fellows! / Photo from: www playbuzz com
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