Tuesday, May 31, 2016

2896. Am I Able to Reach Confidence with My Students?

If we want to teach a student at private tuition we should make friends with him.
Otherwise we won’t deepen into a solid human relationship with him, and our teaching will be superficial, and we won’t teach them how to study and work on their own.
We teachers should listen a lot to our students, and talk with them.
Also I’d say we should explain to them that they can count on us teachers. We are at their disposal totally.
If we want for them to tell us about themselves, we have to talk a lot with them, and as I said listen to them too. Only in that way we will get to accomplish teaching them seriously.
I repeat on purpose: we have to set clear that they can rely on us and count on us. That will build up confidence! / Photo from: www corwall gov uk. the picture is just an illustration
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