Saturday, May 7, 2016

2866. A Good Teacher. Some Strong Points

A good and committed teacher gives himself to their students, in the classroom and is available at the school, generally.
It’s an action of love of benevolence: he isn’t a mere worker that just confines his work to the schedule, but with not much interest.
The school is not a service company, but a prolongation of home, of the family. He gives his best to his students, and at classes he works with the utmost and uttermost dedication.
It’s an action or a series of actions that perfect and tweak the teacher himself plus his dear students.
So if he finishes a class as tired that means he has tried his best. His attention and love toward his students is love of benevolence (to wish what’s better for someone else).
And this on a day after another. This is education! – education plus instruction on a school subject. All this has been taken or inspired from Carlos Cardona, Ética del quehacer educativo (Ethics of the educative performance). / Photo from: www centralparknyc com. the picture is just an illustration
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