Sunday, May 15, 2016

2878. How to Have a Deep Satisfaction with Teaching

In educating kids nothing is lost ever. All you do, all you say, leaves a result in their personalities.
When we work to give love to God and to give a grand education to teens, nothing from what we say is lost. It’s a seed, which will give fruit, now or within years.
If you’re demanding and willing to firmly educate your students, nothing shall be lost or spoiled.
Think of yourself. Which teachers can you remember? Those who were more committed in educating you and teaching you their legacy.
Be patient. Don’t lose your temper nor your nice mood. Your students will appreciate.
Which teen has not given trouble, maybe some trouble to his educators and teachers? All of us teachers have given some war to our dear teachers, haven’t we? And now we are adults, educated ones. Oh, and confide all and trust in praying for your students and their families. Praying is our “weapon”. Relax! Have fun, enjoy classes! / Photo from: www youtube com. new york city subway – it’s just an illustration
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