2875. The Teachers We Can Easily Remember...

Great teachers are like… I’m trying to draw what a good teacher is like. To my mind and others’.
Great teachers, the ones we can best remember, looked after little things. They’re on little but great details. For example: they think of that student who’s going down concerning his grades;
they have the initiative of calling some student’s parents or family to the school;
they consult the Web for polishing their methods with the contrast of other teachers in the Web;
they utilize the Web to search for material for classes;
they pray for his students and his students’ families;
they offer themselves to help and aid another teacher that is hectic;
they know how to calm down their character when it seems it’s going to explode;
they’re admired but also they’re a living nice example for their students;
they have discipline in their classes, but mainly because of their moral authority;
they know when a small joke is prudent;
they personalize when teaching a “mass” of students;
they listen and know how to listen;
they… / Photo from: historias de madrid historias-matritenses blogspot com. the picture is a nice illustration of an old cab


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