Wednesday, May 4, 2016

2862. Mastering English? Just Essential Today

In many schools here in Granada they’re changing their methodology for teaching English into something more communicative, and more and more you can hear youngsters speaking in English on the street, above all with other American young people.
Speaking in English is just essential, and I’m glad the thing is changing into mastering English.
Many students train for B2 and C1 for example, which are levels within the Common European Framework. They’re equivalent to First Certificate of Cambridge and Advanced Certificate, also of Cambridge University.
And I propose all should be said in English in our classes, both for senior adult students and kids alike. Or 99%, but if we let us ourselves speak a bit, a very small bit in Spanish, in the end you can catch yourself having spoken in the mother language more than what should be wanted.
Anyway we’ve got to keep speaking in English to our students, but at a level they can understand, low it may be anyway. Or better, at a level which is a bit above the students’ level.
Just one more thing: we teachers of languages should keep in contact with the other English language teachers of the school, for a smooth increasing the level, and avoiding what I’ve encountered at some school: they turn from classes in their mother tongue into a big deal of English at the next academic year… / Photo from: Urban-Legends-Ket streetartnyc org
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