Saturday, May 21, 2016

2886. Are You Tired?

Are you teacher tired, now at the countdown of the academic year?
That may show you’ve given the best from you to your dear students. You may have done your best, and that honors you.
You’ve loved your students with love of benevolence, and you haven’t spared any effort to teach and educate them. You’ve given more than what your contract said.
Not only have you given the best from you to your students, but you’ve offered yourself to your students’ education.
We teachers spend a long time per day with our students, and this service is worth to accomplish. What’s more, we teachers don’t just make a service, like a service company, but we’ve been entrusted the best of families: their children, and our role is assisting and helping families to educate their kids – not less than that! / Photo from: American farmer and author joel salatin is coming www ocdt co nz. The photo is just an illustration
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